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Wilton Lacrosse Appreciates Your Support

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As a program, we are focused more than ever on investing the time and resources to support, grow and enhance the Wilton Lacrosse program for all of our youth and high school players. 

Our key area of focus starting this past summer and fall has been on individual skill development programming for everyplayer in the program.  We ran a series of programs for youth and high school players, boys and girls, and did so free of charge. We organized winter programming to get all players ready for the Spring season. Costs of these programs at Sono Fieldhouse, Wilton Sports & Fitness and around town are subsidized to the best of our ability to do so.

At last year’s Kick-off/fundraising event, we asked for your support in funding the installation of a concrete lacrosse rebounding wall at the High School athletic complex.  We are pleased to report we’ve received the building permit from the Town, and will begin construction soon on a 13 high x 24 foot wide rebounding wall at the Lilly Field complex.  We look forward to its completion, as it will be a valuable infrastructure investment that benefits the entire lacrosse program, by fostering both individual and team-based stick skill training.  Without the generous support of you, our lacrosse families and patrons, this investment wouldn’t be possible.

In addition to sponsored off-season programming and running the boys and girls youth programs, the WLA also provides financial support to our HS lacrosse programs.  We are all aware of the town’s current fiscal environment and the continued pressure on school budgets and funding.  The high school athletic program is a major victim in any Board of Ed belt-tightening or funding cutbacks.  To maintain and continue to grow the success of our HS lacrosse programs, the WLA provides financial support as best it can, in areas ranging from coaches stipends for assistant coaches to senior scholarship awards and equipment and apparel/uniforms for the kids.

We are confident that the investments we are making in support of individual skill development, coaching and infrastructure enhancements aligns with our goal of growing and improving the overall lacrosse experience in Wilton for girls and boys of all ages.  We have additional projects in mind to benefit the program that will only be possible with continued financial support.

Without the generous support of you, our member families, the WLA would fail in its goal of supporting and improving the Wilton Lacrosse program. We ask you to consider making a contribution to support Wilton Lacrosse, at any level.  A Wilton Lacrosse Warrior Club jacket, vest or fleece blanket will be given to donors of $500 or more to show our appreciation, along with recognition in the annual Lacrosse Yearbook.  Please help make this a great year for our athletes.