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2018 Boys Spring Tryouts

Pending weather, evaluations to determine team placement will occur in the evening at the WHS Stadium Turf during the week of March 12th, 2018.

  • Each grade will have 2 tryout times that week and attendance at both will be mandatory
    • 5th grade Mon/Wed 6-7:30
    • 7th grade Mon/Wed 7:30-9p
    • 6th grade Tues/Thurs 6-7:30p
    • 8th grade Tues/Thurs 7:30-9p

If weather (snow, rain, extreme cold) does become an issue, please save Sunday March 18th as an evaluation make-up date at SoNo Fieldhouse (time reserved from 9a-2p, exact times by grade TBD)

Drop Off Details:  Your son will be required to be at the WHS Stadium Turf at least 20 minutes before the designated start time.  Upon arrival, your sons need to check in at the registration table, where they will be provided an assigned jersey number.  

Tryouts are a DROP OFF EVENT.  Parents are not allowed to stay to watch the evaluations, as this can be a major distraction for players and we ask all parents to honor this request.  After receiving his jersey, your son will need to stretch/warm up on his own and then come right onto the turf after the previous session concludes. Your son can meet you at the parking lot upon conclusion.

Evaluation Details:  Your son will be evaluated on three key criteria; stick skills, athletic ability and field sense.   Evaluation results will be posted by mid-week after tryouts are concluded. (March 21st).  Teams will be defined based upon ability rather than trying to reach a specific number of players on a team.  It benefits no one to place a player onto a team that is above his skill levels/abilities.


  • Based on enrollment numbers, we will run the following teams for Spring 2018:
    • 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A
    • 5/6B, 6/7B, 8B
    • Team specific practice and game schedules will be announced with the roster placements on March 21st.


SNYPR App: This app is designed to track your sons wallball routine. We are strongly encouraging all of our players to use this app as a practice tool to sharpen their stick skills by creating fun competition inside the program.

Players (and Coaches) across the program will be able to see results by grade and team and along the way we will offer program wide challenges and prizes to encourage our players to get out and play!

All players need is a smartphone (their own or let them borrow yours), a lacrosse stick and ball, and a wall or bounceback to get better, and we believe that this app will challenge our players to work on their skills outside of the normal team practice times - which is truly the only way to get better! My 3rd grade son uses a soft ball (paddle ball, tennis ball, soft lacrosse ball) and plays against the basement wall in our house, so no excuses about the winter weather!


Download the app to their (or yours) smart phones, and input the team code below for Wilton Youth Boys.

For details on the app, click on these links below:

Wilton Youth Boys Team Code: 00985


SNYPR Pre-Season Challenge: Players are challenged to do a minimum of 400 Reps per day (200 Righty and 200 Lefty), prior to the week of March 12th. 400 reps per day may sound like a lot, but as our players work on their skills more and more, they should be able to bang this out in only 10-15 minutes!

We've been harping about individual skill development all off-season and this pre-season challenge will be well worth it for your sons come March 12th and our evaluations.

If you have any questions on the information above, please reach out to JR Sherman at

Good luck to everyone in the coming weeks prior to evaluations, as little as 10-15 minutes per day will pay major dividends to the growth of your son's skill development!

If you are having any problems with the SNYPR app, below are some details that can help troubleshoot.


Here are some helpful 'player tips' to help ensure more accurate rep counting with SNYPR:

(1) Please make sure the phone is properly set up on the upper RIGHT arm. The phone should be positioned between the shoulder and elbow of the right arm, and should be on the OUTSIDE of the arm - between outer biceps and triceps muscles. Make sure the phone screen is facing out/away from the body, and the home button is closer to the player's shoulder. Also, make sure the phone is held securely - if it moves around on the arm while the player is throwing, the SNYPR app will not count as well!

(2) Make sure you are standing 8-10 yards away from the wall or rebounder to ensure a more deliberate and active throwing motion. Our SNYPR app motion algorithm is based on right arm movement during a lacrosse throw - this is VERY important. If there's minimal movement of the right upper arm (i.e. if you're standing too close to the wall or rebounder), our app may not pick up enough motion to detect a successful lacrosse throw. 

(3) We recommend cradling once between throws - again, more deliberate throws are counted MUCH better than "quick sticks" from close range. Typically, quick sticks are not counted well with our SNYPR app.

(4) Although our motion algorithm can detect some sidearm, underhand and even behind-the-back throws (both righty and lefty), it best detects overhand and "3/4-arm" throws. With SNYPR, there is some technique involved in detecting/counting a successful lacrosse throw. Focus on overhand or "3/4-arm" throws, and this should improve the rep counting. 

(5) Turn the phone volume on and all the way up. You will hear a 'ding' every 10 successful throws - we've added this audible sound to give players feedback that their reps are being successfully counted! You will also hear audible voice alerts at multiples of 100s and even 1000s (if you play wall ball for that long in a single session!).

(6) An audible alarm will sound if your SNYPR app detects 3-4 consecutive motions that are not consistent with a lacrosse throwing motion. If you hear this alarm (you'll know it when you hear it), be sure to stop and check your phone screen. A message should be on the screen asking you to be sure your phone is oriented properly on your arm. You must press 'OK' to close this on-screen message before resuming your rep-counting with SNYPR.